Mission and Vision

Mission. We improve our consultancy company by using our technical and business knowledge, by staying side by side with our clients and by constantly learning about telecommunication and new technologies. These points help us keeping our focus on giving more value to our clients.


Vision. Aggaros activity has developed in an international environment, being independent from technologies and suppliers, but also by cooperating with other companies of the sector. Up until now we established a strong and solid list of clients, but we still want to grow and increase our activities offer.

We reach our challenges by...

  • doing an effort towards internalization.
  • establishing cooperation agreements with other firms by sharing our business model.
  • using our experience in other sectors wich ICT and new technologies have an important strategic role.
  • increasing the value of our clients in terms of quality, efficiency, innovation, creativity, management and technology capacity.
  • having a professional and multidisciplinary team.