Technology, Processes and Systems

We carry out process engineering, we analyse the organization and convert the BSS/OSS systems central point of all the operations.

We give our clients the knowledge and experience to optimise the main business processes like services catalogue definition, clients and services supply, service assurance or billing.

Having a clear vision of the business, of its operative processes and of the organization for the right development and growth of any company is fundamental to us. With this idea, we go with our clients from the systems and/or usage plans definition (like strategies and improvement proposals, technical-economical analysis, etc.) to the systems and processes engineering and the implementation of reference models like eTOM and ITIL.

We also act as consultant on the acquisition of tools and technology for the business improvement, including technical support on the definition and realization of conceptual tests and the RFI, RFQ and RFP elaboration.



  • New operation model definition and introduction based on eTOM standard for the ONO network.
  • Management and network operation tools audit, inventory and event manager acquisition tools RFP support for Gas Natural Unión Fenosa Telecomunicaciones.
  • Systems and usage plans production and introduction for the GITPA in Asturias, Spain.

Strategic Lines

  • eTOM and ITIL reference models implementation with certified staff.
  • Systems and operating plans,responsibilities and functions models design.
  • Support with technology acquisition, business support systems and operations (BSS/OSS).
  • Support with transformation project management.