Fiber OSS & Cloud

To cover the specific necessities of the client, we have advanced solutions based on innovative softwares.

We propose innovative and profitable solutions for complex telecommunications infrastructures management problems.

BSS/OSS Suite has been designed to optimize business, networks, computer systems and supply chains processes, making the launch of services and business models of optical fiber networks faster.

The wide experience of AGGAROS in networks operation is applied on software development. This allows us to obtain a productive automation during the operation business processes of our clients.


  • Stick&Play BSS/OSS Suite oriented to the eficient management of Optical Fiber Networks.

Strategic Lines

  • Cloud Service allows our clients to focus on their business and forget about technology.
  • We identify and apply the best practices based on recognized standards (eTOM, SID, TAM, SOA, Scrum) along all the steps of the projects
  • We operate networks too and that is the reason why we apply the standards pragmatically.
  • Our work is based on the power and flexibility of open systems and SOA architecture.