Deployment, Operations and Maintenance

We apply our experience and methodology to achieve the operative excellence of telecommunications networks.

We elaborate network deployment and implantation plans. We lead technological and contractors selection processes. We carry out the project management of networks deployment. We manage the network delivery, acceptation and implementation.

We help to define, to select and to prepare the telecommunication operators and O&M services companies organization. We develop integral usage plans. We manage the transformation.

We guide consolidated network operation organizations to the operative excellence, by introducing key figures and leading the transformation processes.

We operate complex telecommunication networks as an external manager or consider them as a turnkey project. We take responsibility on the service levels compliance established with our clients.



  • Submarine wires and terrestrial backbone networks operation and maintenance in Africa.
  • Operations Director introduction into the FTTH Asturcón network organization.
  • Design, project management team, implementation and O&M outsourcing for the FTTH network of Viladecans, Spain.

Strategic Lines

  • Carry out usage plans for telecommunications networks.
  • Key figures introduction for the transformation management.
  • Turnkey delivery of telecommunication networks.
  • Design and implementation of networks and organizations.